Hello, again!

It has been a long time since I have updated the website or the blog, but I spent a few hours updating both today. I hope you enjoy.


Adventure updates...

We made it to 3 National Parks in May with my best friend for my birthday. I uploaded some of those photographs to the website already. It was absolutely incredible to be able to shoot these areas and get to experience them with my closest friend and Hossa. And even though the trip was so stunning and fun, it was also insanely emotional for me. It felt like one last trip with Hossa because I wasn't sure if he would get better enough to be able to take another trip like this. Like a farewell tour for my best friend.

And even though it was very sad and upsetting for me to be thinking that way during the adventures we were having, it meant so much to me that my friend agreed to take this spur of the moment trip. I changed the plans on her, basically right before she got on the plane and was like "Hey! Instead of staying in Phoenix.. let's go see 3 National Parks instead."

So we got in my little Jeep Renegade and made a quick stop at Dutch Bros to give us enough energy to drive through the night. We drove to Utah after she got off the plane. We made it to our hotel, Best Friend's Roadhouse, around 6:00am just in time for her to hop on a Zoom call for work. And I slept in the car with Hossa after driving for 6 hours.

We spent 3 crazy days in Utah visiting Bryce National Park, Zion National Park, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. On our way back into Arizona, we stopped at Horseshoe Bend and the Grand Canyon. I've been wanting to see at Horseshoe Bend for years and it definitely did not disappoint! Though, we were so exhausted at that point that I didn't get too many pictures. So I guess it's good that I live in Arizona. And the Grand Canyon I have seen many, many times but it's always stunning regardless.

My friend and I found an amazing little bakery in Kanab, UT. Which alone is worth the drive but I made so many amazing memories on this trip even though hiking with a dog in a National Park is very limiting. But I am so glad that I had these experiences with Hossa and my friend. I cannot wait to do another trip like this again this fall/winter. Exploring the desert with my besties is definitely one of my favorite things.


In health news...

The last blog post was published on June 4 and little did I know.. that just 10 days later Hossa I would get the news that Hossa is in remission. On June 14, when he had his x-rays done after his first round of chemotherapy, they redid the x-rays to see how his cancer had progressed over the last 4 weeks. And those x-rays showed that his cancer had been become undetectable. Now, while remission sounds like the best news you could ever ask for, and it is, to a degree. I am super thrilled that he is in remission, I cried like a big baby and I still have the voicemail from his vet saved on my phone. (Which has now been saved as a Reel on Hossa's Instagram - @hossa.thegiant) However, remission in dogs is not like it is for people. Remission in dogs tends to be only temporary. It's not a matter of "if they get cancer again" but when.

Like I've said before, I will take all the extra days I can get with my best friend. And we have definitely tried to have as many adventures and enjoy our days together as much as possible in the Arizona summers. It has been several months since this big adventure and the most amazing news. And the weather in Arizona is cooling off which means that Hossa and I will be able to resume our adventures (within reason). I really hope you will stick around for our adventures and updates in the future.

I look forward to creating as many memories as possible with Hossa during these cooler months we have. Every day that I have with him is all thanks to the amazing vet team that managed to squeeze him in back in April.

I am forever grateful.